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The history of Robolinux – Since 2002 John Martinson aka Robo has been passionately dedicated to providing every PC & laptop User around the World, in many languages with the easiest way to download, install and operate the highest quality, fastest, most secure, virus free robust PC operating system effortlessly and economically. After rescuing hundreds of disgruntled individual Windows users and Companies by installing Redhat, German Suse, & French Mandriva Desktops and servers between 2002 and 2005, Robo gained an arsenal of Linux knowledge & expertise. In 2013 Ms. Johanna Sherrill joined the company as CFO and shareholder. Today Robolinux 7 & 8 series versions are rock solid 100% Debian based operating systems.

Robolinux will attract users with its uniqueness. I think you know you can’t run Windows programs in Linux environment unless you install a virtual machine like WINE or PlayOnLinux. If your are migrating form Windows to Linux and also likes to bring all programs with you, then Robolinux is the right option to choose. Robolinux includes Stealth VM, a virtual machine that they claim can run any Windows program without any lag. In addition, Robolinux has a tool that allows you to clone your entire Windows C drive. This means that you can migrate all of your pre-existing programs and data.

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